Open... arm side
goes on first
Center on steering
wheel and close
Pull arm toward you to
tighten & turn key to lock
IN Just 3 Steps...
Anti-Rotation Arm - Prevents full rotation of steering wheel. The Wrap protects your air bag and covers 200 degrees of steering wheel.
Keyed Lock - Part of the remote control, the key is easy to grip
and turn even in cold weather.
LED Warning Lights - 3 flashing lights advertise you are protected.
Visible through tinted glass.
Motion-Activated 120 Decibel Siren - Pain-generating sounds when the Wrap is tampered with. Batteries included.
Non-Skid Lining - Securely grips and protects your steering wheel.
Super High Impact Resistant Construction - Highly visible, space age structural resin is lightweight, weather resistant, is reinforced with a steel frame. The Wrap resists sawing, drilling, hammering and grinding.

Multi-Layered, Portable Protection! Mounts Easily
To Your
Steering Wheel